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JAKE BREWER, 1981-2015

JAKE BREWER, 1981-2015

The civic tech community mourns Jake Brewer.

  • The civic tech community is in mourning at the untimely death of Jake Brewer, senior technology advisor to the White House, who was killed Saturday while on a charity bike ride in Virginia. Here is President Obama’s statement on his passing. It reads, in part:

    We set out to recruit the best of the best to join their government and help us harness the power of technology and data to innovate new solutions for the 21st century. Simply put, Jake was one of the best. Armed with a brilliant mind, a big heart, and an insatiable desire to give back, Jake devoted his life to empowering people and making government work better for them.

  • U.S. Chief Technology Office Megan Smith said, in part, “He had a generous heart and a vision for engaging with technology, data, and most importantly each other, to create opportunity and find solutions together. Jake lived and loved more in his 34 years than some people do in their whole lives.”

  • Jake’s wife, Mary Katharine Hamm, a Fox News contributor, shared her feelings on her Instagram account.

  • The Washington Post’s Moriah Balingit and Faiz Siddiqui spoke with several of Jake’s close collaborators, including Michael Silberman, who was on the charity ride with him Saturday and Jose Antonio Vargas, with whom he co-founded Define American.

  • Here is Define American’s statement on Jake’s death.

  • Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, a friend of Mary Katherine Ham, Jake’s wife, shares his respects in the Washington Examiner.

  • Guy Benson, Mary Katherine’s co-author, has created a GoFundMe campaign setting up an education fund for their children.

  • Jake’s friends Adam Conner and Nicco Mele have put together Send them your additions.

  • is hosting memorial gatherings tonight for Jake at its offices in New York CityWashington and San Francisco. Jake was its director of global policy before he went to the White House.

  • Here is my remembrance of our friend Jake.